Solution - The Remote Control is not Fuctioning - Safera Aurora

The communication protocol between the remoto control (Safera Remote) and the ceiling  mounted sensor unit (Garo SR4, Aurora) was changed after the first production batch of 100 pcs. This means that the first 100 pcs. of remote controls are not compatible with newer sensor units. Also the first 100 pcs. of sensors are not by default compatible with newer remote controls, but the newer remotes can be configured to send the older communication protocol. See the last chapter.

This needs to be taken into consideration when replacing components of the first delivery batch.

  1. If the remote from the first 100 pcs batch is replaced, or a customer wants to have another remote, the new remote must be configured to the older protocol, see the last chapter.
  2. If the sensor from the first batch needs to be replaced, the remote control must also be replaced, since there is no way to get the older remote to function with newer sensor. 

The software version of the first sensor units is 8.3.7, and the corresponding software version of the remote is 1.0.0

The software version of the later sensor units is 8.3.8 or later, and the corresponding software version of the remote is 1.1.0 or later.

How to configure the remote with software version 1.1.0 or later:

To toggle the remote between old and new protocols, press buttons 1 and 2 simultaniously for 10 seconds, until the green led in the remote blinks quickly for a few seconds.

(Note: The remote sends also a long press of button 1 or button 2, which ever it registered first, but continue pressing the button dispite that.)

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